Fun With Ruby

A few days ago I decided to work on a project just for fun. I called it Constellation because it sounded cool. I had no big plans or expectations for the code, I just wanted to have some fun with it for a few hours. I decided to use Ruby and try to see real results in one night. Usually these little projects don’t turn into anything and I toss the code into an “archive” to reference a couple of times a year, but this one’s different.

Writing my own text-based game engine is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I’ve played MUD‘s off and on for years and there’s something I like about text adventures. It’s like comparing reading a book to watching a movie; it’s a different experience. There is no lag, no glitchy physics, flickering textures or any of the other problems that graphical games can have to break the player’s immersion. Imagination can create more moving visuals than the most advanced rendering technology. Continue reading