Learning Leads to Appreciation

Everyone takes things for granted. We have to; if we gave everything full consideration we would never get anything done. But learning a little about everything, giving everything just a small amount of consideration, can lead to a lot of respect and admiration for the subject.

I’ve been reading the book CODE written by Charles Petzold. I almost didn’t buy it because I didn’t think I could learn much from a broad introductory text. In the past, I had learned a bit about almost everything the book claimed to cover. As it turns out, CODE is a well thought out and well researched book that ties everything together in ways which I never did. The book gave me a new appreciation for things like hardware and floating point numbers which I took for granted just a few weeks earlier.

These are things I use every day, but never thought twice about them because they’re so common. The same could go for any other topic, like music, food, air, carpentry, architecture, cartography, light, radio, batteries, cars, pens, mining, medicine, aircraft, history, television, printers, dirt, or the moon. All of us are at least influenced by these things every day, but how many take the time to think about them or learn a bit about them?

This learning I’m talking about doesn’t need to be reading a book on the subject. Reading the Wikipedia page or something could be enough, whatever seems interesting to you.

Give it a try. Think of something you normally take for granted. Take ten minutes and look it up on Wikipedia or google it. Learn something new about it and find ways to relate that information to something else. You might find that the subject is more interesting than you thought.


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